A Women’s guide to attracting men

While some women attract a lot of men, others wonder why they can’t get as much attention. The fact that every man is different in terms of preferences can make it difficult to attract some men. However, studies by his secret obsession show that while they are different, many men get attracted to particular female characteristics. Read on for a complete guide to attracting men and find out what you should do to have men like you.

1. Pay attention to your physical appearance

Men are naturally first attracted to women based on their physical appearance. So paying attention to your appearance is critical. However, this does not mean that you should be draped like a model all the time. You just need to look presentable. Always keep a good hygiene and do not overdo the makeup. It is important that you wear clothes that complement your attributes. Dress appropriately for any occasion.

2. Smile often

A smile makes you look approachable. A recent study even suggests that a smiling woman looks up to 10 times more attractive to men. In fact, the straighter and whiter the teeth, the more beautiful and alluring a woman looks in the eyes of any man.

Again, men are attracted to a woman’s positivity which often manifests itself through a warm smile. It does not matter whether or not you have a set of perfectly pearl white teeth. An honest smile is always so radiating and attracting.

3. Be natural and confident.

Many men do not like women that are not themselves, fake women. Real men are attracted to women that do not pretend to be someone else. Trying to be something else will only communicate to a man that you are hiding your true self and trying to have him like a fake version of you.

Showing him your true self means you are confident with who you are. It will also save you too much hassle and time if you don’t like each other. The idea here is not that you shouldn’t bother doing your hair and such stuff. Put an effort, but do not overdo things.

Being natural implies that you are confident about your personality and looks. Again, while your physical appearance may get a man to like you, what is inside of you will keep him interested. Therefore, being yourself also means that you are not afraid of speaking your mind. Formulate your ideas and defend your stance. Real men are attracted to this kind of women. Being able to think independently (the �feisty’ women) is a great turn on for men.

4. Be kind

Even when you are on your periods and you just can’t stand some people and their behavior, try as much as possible to demonstrate acts of kindness, no matter how small they are. Such things as being kind to the waiter imply that you are a good person and you can be an ideal mate.

5. Pose a challenge

Wait, posing a challenge doesn’t mean ignoring his call twice and picking up when he calls the third time (following those unwritten laws of womanhood). Being a challenge means going after your life’s priorities and letting the man do more of the work. Many men actually love to do that. Go about your plans, and if he is interested in you, he will see to it he’s included in your plans. Don’t expose every detail and aspect of your life. Remain a mystery.

6. Ask questions and laugh at his jokes

If for instance, you are on a date, avoid talking about yourself too much and listen to him. Ask him questions and let him feel comfortable talking to you. Laugh at his jokes. Doing these things will make him feel better about himself, and boost his ego. This will make him like you and get attracted to you.

To wrap this up, it is worth noting that attraction and love are entirely different things. So while a man may find you very attractive, he may not fall in love with you for reasons best known to him. However, love almost always begins from sexual attraction. So getting a man attracted to you is often the safest way to make him fall and stay in love with you.

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