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How To Prepare Sous Vide

We are speaking only about food preparation, not concerning preservation of food, below.

Of course, without a vacuum equipment it is not feasible to get a best vacuum cleaner in a plastic bag or plastic pouch; yet it is feasible to have a partial “sous vide”, enough to know this method of food preparation.

This technique can be adjusted for house food preparation or for small dining establishments.

Why prepare food in this manner? What are the benefits of this approach?

– You can prepare the food one to two days, or extra, in advance. You can, maintain the food in the fridge, or even freeze the preparations, shop for a few weeks or a month, then reheat and also serve when needed.

Imagine having an event following week with 10 people returning. What a huge amount of food to store and deal with the last day! You might be overwhelmed by such a job. Using this technique, a huge part of the task can already be done before the day of the event.

You can prepare the food when you have plenty of time, and also you don’t require to rush to be all set when your visitors show up. You look peaceful, and also definitely you will certainly manage the scenario much more conveniently).

– Preparing by doing this, food is a lot more scrumptious since the food cooks in it’s very own juice, the preference does not go away airborne. Remember when you go into a cooking area and also odor all the wonderful fragrances pertaining to your nose. This is the preference of the food going away airborne. With this technique, preferences stay within.

– A various other benefit of this method is that it provides you the possibility and also the simplicity to prepare at a reduced temperature level, 70 ° C/158 ° F. Allow me discuss this point concerning temperature: When you prepare the “normal” means, this is higher than 70 ° C/158 ° F. Boiling water is 100 ° C/212 ° F; when you roast, a typical temperature level of 200 ° C/392 ° F is made use of, this is with out uncertainty far higher than 70 ° C/158 ° F.

Here, talking regarding temperatures we are reaching an essential factor. Meat, fish as well but much less, when food preparation at high temperatures are ending up being challenging. This is because the collagen (fibrous protein comprising an excellent part of meat) agreements and also obtains harder over 70 ° C/158 ° F.

Thus, the pointer is to prepare listed below this temperature level to keep the meat tender. (Considering that making use of “sous vide” technology, the food industry prepares baked meat with components of the animal that would never ever have actually been roasted in the past due to the fact that these parts are generally as well tough. This is just feasible due to reduced temperature.).

( Reduced temperature cooking can be done by different ways but you will certainly not have all the benefits of the “sous vide” technique, or all the benefits of my approach.

You can prepare at reduced temperature levels with a regular pot. On the market are electrical slow-moving cookers, readily available for any type of dishes).

Just how to prepare “sous vide”, or vacuum cooking, without a vacuum device.

I offer you first, below, generally for those who already understand how to prepare food “sous vide”, a short description of the procedure, then more information that you can read if you are interested to attempt this technique:

Rather than putting the food to prepare in a plastic bag as well as vacuum it, just wrap or roll the food in at least 5 to 6 layers of plastic paper. Make sure to protect the plastic, then, proceed the same way you would certainly with normal vacuum cleaner food preparation.

Certainly the time you can maintain the food with this procedure has nothing to do with genuine vacuum cooking, as there is no control on the vacuum percent in the parcel you have actually prepared with this technique. I recommend that you comply with the very same rules you adhere to for non vacuumed food. Go to this link if you’re looking for water bath cookers.

Thorough procedure

Start with this extremely fundamental dish if you wish to try “sous vide”, as it is truly easy to do. Then you can adapt my technique to various meats, poultry or fish or locate a recipe in the one’s we recommend on this internet site.

Chicken breast prepared in plastic wrapping (” sous vide” style)

Make use of poultry bust with or without skin, stuffed or otherwise, marinaded or not according to the recipe or to your selection. Utilize it plain or brown it in a frying pan before wrapping to have a more baked flavour. The meat when offering after cooking will certainly naturally not be crunchy anymore; yet you can put it in a skillet for 2 or 3 mins to recover it’s crispness just before preparing on plates.

1- Put the skilled items of hen breast, already stuffed, on plastic paper.

2- Roll the poultry bust thoroughly in the plastic paper, making certain to press highly versus the meat while rolling to have the optimum of air getaway from the parcel. (We are not attempting here to compete with a vacuum cleaner equipment yet we are trying to have the minimum of air within, generally due to the fact that if excessive air stays within, the parcel will certainly drifts to the surface of the water when poaching and also the cooking will certainly be bad).

Make at least 5 or 6 reverse the meat to get a parcel that is strong and solid sufficient.

3- Make a knot at each side of the parcel with a string or with the plastic itself if you have sufficient of it. Currently, the hen bust prepares to prepare.

4- Place the parcel in a pot of water at 70 ° C/158 ° F. Use a thermometer to make certain that you have the best temperature.

5- Keep cooking throughout around 20 mins, seeing to it the temperature is still at 70 ° C/158 ° F, inspecting now and then. The moment of cooking depends on the size of the chicken breast. This example is for an item of 180g/6oz as well as must not be more than 20 mins.

Ensure if you cook a packed breast of poultry to readjust the cooking time to the dimension as well as additionally to the stuffing. (If you pack with cooked mushrooms the cooking size will be much shorter than a padding made with raw meat for example.).

6- When done, serve quickly with the sauce of your choice. (Slice the chicken breast to have a better discussion).


If you have actually chosen to prepare the hen breast beforehand, do not cook them but place in the refrigerator for someday optimum. If you wish to serve the hen busts later on, freeze them. Keep up to a couple of weeks. (It is better not to keep food a long period of time in a freezer as it will certainly begin to completely dry and also be “burnt” by the chilly after a few month. Make certain to defrost the meat before beginning to prepare.

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