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CBD and Sports

In this article we are going to talk about cbd and sport, the great strides that medical hemp is making in the sports field, also driven by the dedication to the cause of several professional athletes, and, of course, cannabidiol and the forms in which it can be found on the market.

So let’s start with the most important and practical aspect, here are five reasons why a sportsman can benefit from using cannabidiol.

1 – CBD is highly valued and used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Nate Diaz, MMA champion, is a regular user of CBD: at the end of a meeting he showed up at a press conference vaping CBD, claiming, when asked by a journalist, that “it helps the healing process, inflammation and everything else. So I smoke before, after the meet and during workouts.”

2 – Taking CBD at the end of physical exertion can help optimize the body’s recovery

Similar to a natural supplement, it actively acts on the body by modulating its responses through an action on the innate receptors of our endocannabinoid system.
That’s why it can be very useful to promote recovery especially after hard workouts, long distance or half marathons, thus being useful for runners and cyclists.

3 – Sleep is the best of training!

For every athlete in fact, sleeping well is essential, the quality of sleep depends on the quality of training, a speech that in general we could apply to the everyday life of any human being.
The anxiolytic and muscle-relaxing qualities of cannabidiol can help to relax and calm our nervous system, rebalancing, if taken regularly, our psychophysical balance.

4 – CBD has analgesic properties

Cannabidiol can play a positive action against pain, for this reason it is indicated for people who suffer from chronic pain or inflammatory diseases, caused for example by sports traumas, frequent in disciplines such as rugby or American football.

5 – CBD, as well as sport itself, helps to alleviate states of generalized anxiety

The combination of these two aspects allows for particularly effective mental, as well as physical, benefits.
As in all the cases mentioned above, however, we enter the field of subjectivity, linked to different physical and psychological aspects that converge in the way CBD is metabolized and transformed by our body.

CBD and Therapeutic Hemp

We mentioned in the opening of the article of the link that binds sports and CBD:

It is an objective reality how the world of professionals is looking with increasing interest to the anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and muscle-relaxing properties of CBD, with the descent into the field of prominent athletes who have actively supported battle aimed at the increasingly conscious use of hemp in a therapeutic perspective, as opposed to the more classic opiates.

CBD and doping

While athletes are becoming increasingly aware, important signals are also coming from the regulatory and legal spheres, with major regulators like WADA recently removing CBD from the list of doping substances.

The other cannabinoids (of natural or synthetic origin) remain strictly prohibited, but cannabidiol (CBD) is excluded in toto. While definitely opening to the use of cannabidiol in sports, the directives of WADA-AMA make it clear that cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants may also contain various concentrations of THC, which remains a prohibited substance.

Because CBD is allowed but THC is not, athletes hoping to use the substance without failing a drug test will need to ensure that they use hemp-derived CBD or CBD that has been entirely separated from any traceable levels of THC. This is one of the key reasons why you should always turn to a safe, certified, and quality product.

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